communitiesBenedict Peters & Aiteo Group – Aiding Local Society

Benedict Peters is dedicated to observing a high level of social responsibility both as an individual and as CEO of the Aiteo Group. Through his actions and initiatives, Peters and his company are making a positive impact on the environment and the local communities in which they operate.

Aiteo Employees – the Beating Heart of the Business

As a veteran businessman who has many years of experience in employee management, Peters knows that employee satisfaction is the key to excellent work. At Aiteo Group the well-being of employees is of paramount importance. The company considers each staff member as an integral part of the company and therefore invests in thorough training, career development, health and well-being, volunteering opportunities and meticulous safety training and measures. Employees receive the tools required to explore new career opportunities, embark on communal collaborations and bring economic prosperity to their communities.

kidsSupporting Local Communities

Benedict Peters believes in giving back to the community. He is deeply respectful of the rich and diverse West African cultures in which his company operates and considers communication and cooperation with the members of these cultures vital to the development of Aiteo.
Under Peters’ leadership and guidance, Aiteo seeks input from all hosting communities and shares economic benefits by providing work opportunities, offering training programs and supporting local businesses.

The group is attentive to the needs of the communities they operate it. They learn about the local culture and engage community members in personal growth and development processes. Aiteo is greatly focused on improving local education, contributing to Nigerian arts and culture, and developing political awareness. The group makes regular donations to charities and churches and is involved with a number of social investment projects. Aiteo also encourages the study of engineering and offers higher-education scholarships to community members in order to help develop their financial independence.

Supporting IDPs in Adamawa

As part of his profound connection to the Nigerian society, Peters is deeply affected by the local IDP situation. At the end of 2015 there were more than two million internally displaced persons in Nigeria alone, who suffer from great poverty, and very poor living conditions. The severity of this increasing national problem led Peters and his company to donate a generous package of basic supplies to the IDPs of Adamawa and encourage fellow business people and companies to follow.

Investing in the Environment

environmentJoseph Agro Foundation – Benedict Peters chairs the Joseph Agro Foundation, which he founded in order to address social and environmental issues in the agricultural sector of Nigeria. The local farming community suffers from high levels of unemployment and water shortage. The Joseph Agro Foundation seeks to tackle these acute problems by creating job opportunities, improving access to education and raising awareness to effective and responsible water usage.

Environmental ComplianceAiteo Group owns several well-equipped fire trucks that are available to respond immediately in case of fire. The group also has an environmental compliance team assigned to conduct meticulous and uncompromising risk assessments for all projects, and promote a green workplace environment. Guided by the team, Aiteo has reduced office waste, minimized the use of paper and increased recycling efforts.

Give Back Drive – The ICT Give Back Drive, is one of the groups central recycling initiatives in which the group collects its outdated ICT (Information and Communication Technology) equipment, refurbishes it and donates it to local charities and educational institutes.