Reasons Why Your Stoma Bag Might Be Leaking

The one concern you might have after an ostomy or stoma bag is potential leaks. Leaks are usually avoidable and can be managed. However, some people tend to struggle with their ostomy bags and cannot figure out why they are leaking. You should consult your primary care physician and have them assess the problem if it is a continual thing to make sure that nothing is potentially going wrong. Apart from that, there are a couple of reasons why this might be happening and we will be reviewing some of them below so that you can stop colostomy bag leaks and avoid having to deal with the inconvenience.

  • The size of your stoma might have changed and is now leading to your bag having trouble adjusting to it properly. This can create gaps which can then cause leaks.
  • If your stoma bag ends up creating a vacuum and is almost laid flat against your stoma like a pancake, then it might be creating issues in space for waste to accumulate, and hence cause leaks on the side.
  • If your ostomy bag ends up ballooning, better known as just filling up with air too much, it can end up causing the ostomy bag to get loose and even detach itself from its position.
  • If you are having stomach problems, are stressed or anxious, then that can lead to a lot of waste being created in short periods, causing your ostomy bag to fill up a lot more quickly than it usually would.
  • If you have had an allergic or skin reaction to the plate or the material of the stoma bag, then that can cause changes in the size of your stoma, which again can contribute to leaking.