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Cannabis and Biochemistry

Cannabis plants are composed of more than 120 substances, about 60 belong to the class of cannabinoids, which generate various mental and physical effects when consumed.

The two best known and main cannabinoids are:

The cbd flower (cannabidiol), which is often used to relieve pain and inflammation, but also nausea, headache and anxiety. It is found in various products such as CBD oil , herbal teas, creams and lip balms;

The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the main psychoactive Cannabis, is responsible for the states of “high” that most people associate this plant.

Legal cannabis usually comes in the form of a dried flower and contains both of these substances, resin (hashish) or various extracts known as oils. There are other products that may contain only CBD or only THC or a composition of both in different percentages.

How Cannabis Reproduces

Cannabis reproduction occurs through biotic pollination, if the pollen is carried by insects, or abiotic when it is moved by the wind. Process is crucial for the production of the seeds.

After that, cannabis cultivation goes through several stages. It is an annual plant , meaning that its life cycle should last a year, but it could be shortened to 4-10 months.

The first phase is that of germination , that is when the first small root sprouts from the seed that will go to fix itself in the earth to start the growth of the first seedling. The whole process takes anywhere from 12 hours to 2 weeks but once the cannabis is complete it will enter the second phase , in its seedling stage .

Now the plant has the first embryonic leaves that can receive light and that concentrate on producing a more consistent crown. Then the third phase begins , the vegetative phase .

During this stage the plants begin to take on consistency and take on the classic cannabis plant shape. Now you can Buy cbd flower online.