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Benedict Peters

Benedict Peters

Benedict Peters is a successful businessman, innovative entrepreneur and oil and gas industry pioneer. Peters is best known as the founder and CEO of the large-scale Nigerian energy conglomerate Aiteo Group.

Early Life

Benedict Peters was born in Nigeria in 1966 as one of six children. He has three brothers and two sisters. Peters was not born wealthy, he came from an average financial background, his father was a banker and his mother was a homemaker. After he completed his basic education in 1983 at the Federal Government College Enugu, Peters enrolled at the University of Benin. He graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Regional Planning.


After completing his academic education, Benedict Peters launched his career. He held various senior roles in banking, commodity trading and the Nigerian oil and gas industry. In the early 1990s he became the co-founder of Ocean and Oil Limited, known today as Oando, a petroleum exploration and trading company. In 1994 Peters joined MRS as managing director. MRS is a major downstream petroleum firm and the owner of all Chevron/Texaco petrol stations throughout West Africa.

In 1999 after gaining extensive experience in the multi-layered global energy industry, Peters founded Sigmund Communecci, a company which would later become the Aiteo Group. While Sigmund Communecci’s main focus was tank farms and other aspects of the downstream sector, Aiteo Group is active in both upstream and downstream sectors of the petroleum industry.

Aiteo supplies the global market with oil and gas products, which are refined and produced in-house, while also conducting resources exploration projects. Since its inception, the company has become one of the most successful energy providers in Nigeria and is considered a major player in the international industry. As founder and CEO, Peters drives Aiteo Group to continued success by designing innovative strategic models, collaborating with local communities and forming international joint ventures.

Recognition and Honors

Benedict Peters has played a significant role in enhancing Nigeria’s ability to take charge of its natural resources and independently develop its energy infrastructure. In honor of his pioneering contribution, Peters was named ‘CEO of the Year’ by Leadership News Nigeria. He was also appointed as chairman of the board of the Otuoke University Council where he makes use of his business acumen to guide the council’s activity, decide on operational objectives and devise strategic policies.


Due to his connection to his country and people, and based on his belief in social and environmental accountability, Benedict Peters is involved with several philanthropic initiatives. Through Aiteo Group, he provides selective grants, donations and seed capital to local individuals and groups. In 2014 he decided to increase his investment in local society and founded the Joseph Agro Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to provide relief to rural farmers and to drastically improve their standard of living. The foundation works to develop educational options, reduce unemployment and promote responsible water usage.

Benedict Peters at Home

Benedict Peters is married to Ella Peters and the father of four children. Peters enjoys exploring the world and developing new projects. He is a religious man and appreciates the sound of uplifting gospel music.

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