oil rigAiteo Group is a vertically integrated oil and gas company and one of Africa’s fastest-growing energy providers. The company service portfolio includes discovering, extracting, producing, storing and delivering energy resources to a regional and global client base.

Core Competencies

Exploration and Production – As a leading West African company in the global oil and gas sector, Aiteo focuses on Africa as its main growth frontier. Safe production and facilitation of local energy is central to the Group’s vision. To this end the company actively explores opportunities that are overlooked by competitors and transforms them into workable, reliable and lucrative energy solutions.

Natural Gas
– Nigeria has the largest reserves of natural gas in Africa and Aiteo recognizes the great value of this resource. Liquefied petroleum gas can be used by consumers for cooking and heating and by energy plants for clean electricity generation. Aiteo is developing its downstream and midstream activity in this area by building gas gathering and processing facilities, developing storage and distribution systems, preparing necessary infrastructure and designing innovative solutions.

aiteo groupPower
– For Aiteo Group, generating power is equivalent to promoting economic growth and bettering the quality of life of local communities. The company is strategically broadening its services with a view of becoming a major player in the industry and improving access to power for all Nigerians.

Trading & Marketing – As a major energy trader, Aiteo Group has created a central hub for efficiently and safely moving petroleum products into the Nigerian marketplace and beyond. Aiteo provides energy products to an international clientele, imports petroleum products and delivers them to customers. In order to maintain competitive prices and high quality, the group collaborates with reputable international oil companies.


Benedict Peters originally founded Aiteo Group in 1999. The company was then known as Sigmund Communnecci and focused on the downstream sector. In later years, Peters re-branded the company as Aiteo Group and transformed its culture and operational strategy. As pioneers in the field of energy production, Aiteo Group has become a major player in the downstream and the upstream sectors, providing employment and energy to Nigerian population and taking a significant part in the international oil and gas industry.

powerCompany Objectives

The main objectives of Aiteo Group are to improve the resources industries in Nigeria, develop energy provision infrastructure and bring diversification to the field. With Benedict Peters as leader, the company has developed a cohesive business development program geared for expansion. Through this program Aiteo Group is exploring broader areas of the industry and working on new initiatives in power generation and distribution, petroleum exploration and production, and green energy.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

Aiteo Group offers health, safety and environmental programs that protect and conserve the communities and landscapes in which the company operates. The Group’s corporate social responsibility activity also includes focused philanthropy aimed at creating sustainable value to local communities. Aiteo invests in local projects, supports educational initiatives and encourages civic involvement. The group has also donated essential supplies to the value of 30 million naira (equivalent to over US$95,000) to aid internally displaced people in Adamawa.