Aiteo Founder Achieves Forbes Award

On 27 September 2018 Benedict Peters was presented with the illustrious ‘Africa’s Oil and Gas Leader of the Year’ award at the 2018 Forbes’ Best of Africa Gala held in New York. The award was given to Peters in recognition to his distinguished service to the African oil and gas sector. Forbes also acknowledged the commitment Peters has shown to improve the lives of citizens of local communities through his philanthropic projects.

Rising Above Challenges

Lead by company founder Benedict Peters, Aiteo Group has been achieving great success for around two decades. The company started off as a downstream start-up and has since risen to become a world-class industry leader in exploration and production. Aiteo has investments in mining, infrastructure development, agriculture, and electricity production and distribution. Through the years Peters has faced tremendous personal trials and has proven time and again that it is possible to be an inspirational leader, even under the most challenging circumstances and in the most demanding industries.

Broadening the Vision for the Continent

Upon presentation of the award, CEO of Forbes Media Mike Perlis said, ‘Recipients are singled out for their work in bringing prosperity to all 55 countries of the African continent.’ Peters accepted the award and dedicated it to Aiteo Group employees across the globe. He said that the award is inspiring and that he is thrilled about Aiteo’s contribution to ensuring that Africa becomes self-sufficient in terms of energy while also aspiring to become a focal point for global oil and gas. Aiteo Group released a statement that Benedict Peters achieved the award because of the role his visionary leadership played in the transformational realignment of an industry previously dominated by global oil companies. Peters was also listed as one of Business Day’s top 50 influential Nigerians in 2017 and was named as the 2018 Guardian Awards’ ‘Oil and Gas Man of the Year.’

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