The True Benedict Peters

In a poignant opinion piece published in the Guardian, Ilemona Onoja calls out fellow journalist Funsho Arogbundade for misrepresenting Benedict Peters in an article for the Sun Newspaper.Onoja suspects that this was not an unfortunate case of irresponsible journalism, but a malign attempt to denigrate Peters and his work. He then goes on to expose Arogbundade’s manipulative techniques. For example, the Sun Newspaper article depicts Peters as suspiciously reclusive, when in fact Peters’ business activity and professional opinions are very easily found online. Onoja also refers to Arogbundade’s strenuous attempt to portray Aiteo’s acquisition of OML29 as problematic. He reminds readers that this was no more than a successful business transaction led by a competent businessman in a competitive and transparent process. Further examples can be found in the article itself.

Read the full article on the Guardian Nigeria:

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