Benedict Peters – Founder and CEO of Aiteo Group

Benedict Peters is a Nigerian businessman and self-made billionaire. He is the founder and CEO of Aiteo Group – a major energy conglomerate based in Nigeria. Peters has many years of experience in the oil and gas industry, as well as in commodity trading and banking. He is motivated by a desire to offer the Nigerian and global markets safe and accessible energy, and is in constant exploration of new frontiers in order to meet this goal.
On this website we delve into the life of Benedict Peters and explore his business accomplishments, his dedication to corporate social responsibility, and his vision for the future of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

Aiteo Group

The Aiteo Group took its first steps in the oil and gas industry in 1999 and has since reached many impressive achievements. As a vertically integrated company, Aiteo has a diverse service portfolio and plays an important part in the growth of the Nigerian energy sector. The group’s mission and vision combine business growth with social involvement, employee empowerment and responsible production.

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Social Responsibility

Benedict Peters is deeply committed to his employees, community and environment. Aiteo is built to provide the best facilities for its workers and encourage personal growth and development. Peters is contributing to every community that hosts Aiteo operations by offering education opportunities, supporting local art and culture, strengthening power infrastructure and promoting civic engagement.

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Benedict Peters in the Media

Over the years, Benedict Peters and his companies have had a significant positive impact on West African economy, Nigerian society, and the international energy ecosystem. The media section of this website includes videos and articles that present a variety of perspectives on the Aiteo Group’s development and Benedict Peters’ professional and philanthropic activity.

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