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Focus on African Education

African education needs change Although more and more young Africans have access to education, far too many of the continent’s most promising students will never reach university. Just 6% of sub-Saharan Africans will receive a university education – substantially less than around 50% in more developed economies. As Africa’s business landscape evolves, so must its […]

Nigerian football

Devoted to Nigerian Football

Aiteo Joins Forces with the NFF Benedict Peters and his company Aiteo Group recently formed an alliance with the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF). The collaboration involved massive financial investment from Aiteo Group over a period of five years, with the potential of extending beyond it. An Investment Well Worth Celebrating The collaboration was celebrated at […]

Benedict peters

Benedict Peters – The Elusive Billionaire

The True Benedict Peters In a poignant opinion piece published in the Guardian, Ilemona Onoja calls out fellow journalist Funsho Arogbundade for misrepresenting Benedict Peters in an article for the Sun Newspaper.Onoja suspects that this was not an unfortunate case of irresponsible journalism, but a malign attempt to denigrate Peters and his work. He then […]

All You Need to Know About Benedict Peters – Nigeria Profile

Aiteo Group and Benedict Peters

Benedict Peters – From Humble Beginnings to Greatness Derby Omokoh from Upstream Consulting regularly writes in Oilvoice about Aiteo Group. Omokoh enjoys watching how the company has emerged as an oil and gas powerhouse in recent years, led by the quiet but highly successful Executive Vice Chairman Benedict Peters. Although he is now known as […]