The Same Old Life with a Renewed Faith in the Lord

People experience their faith being shaken due to numerous reasons. It may be due to a death in the family, bad luck happening all the time, and so much more. But during times like these, it is important to know that the Lord is there to guide you and lift you, even though you can’t feel it. During desperate situations, you will feel God’s love for you because He won’t allow you to just give up on life. He will provide you with enough energy to keep on moving on no matter what.

Michael John’s supernatural experiences are detailed in his book The Book of Michael. Here, he explains what he went through and that he is not worthy of love due to his sins. But you can’t control God’s plan for you. He always has something for everyone, which is why you have to believe in Him. Read more about Michael John’s book, The Book of Michael, at [2].

Keep the Faith in Yourself & in the Lord God

Most people who experienced hardships can say that they lost their faith many times. But you can’t control what the future holds. Even if you are not actively seeking God and His miracles, you will always go back to Him with a renewed faith. It’s not the end after all, and if He calls unto you, there is no turning back. Through the different visions, silent talks, and walks alone, the Lord sends you a message one way or another. You can learn more about God’s various experiences that you will endure soon in The Book of Michael.

Believe in the Lord God, for He is all-knowing and all-loving. He will provide you with the security blanket that can keep your faith strong, never weakening. It’s all about your belief and how sturdy your love is for Him. Renew your faith if that’s all it takes for you to get closer to Him.

Become the Miracle Everybody Needs

Miracles are not like the magic tricks you always thought they are. Sometimes, it’s by being unapologetically you where people see the light after many years of darkness. A small piece of advice from you can give others hope. Maybe you are the sign that someone is waiting for before they give up on everything. We are the miracles that God is always talking about. It may come in different circumstances, but it will keep you grounded and unique at the same time. We are all called to his Kingdom for being an instrument in someone else’s lives.