Have a vinyl floor laid and experience its benefits

Vinyl flooring is the perfect alternative for parquet and plank floors. The practical floor covering can be laid quickly, is easy to care for and is hard-wearing. The number of customers who have luxury vinyl plank in schenectady ny installed at home is steadily increasing because more and more house and apartment owners are recognizing the practical advantages of this modern floor covering.

Vinyl flooring, the inexpensive alternative

Vinyl floors are understood to mean heterogeneous plastic coverings made up of different layers. In the trade, the synthetic flooring is also sold under the name design floor, vinyl floor, vinyl planks, vinyl laminate or click vinyl. Plastic floor coverings have been known for more than 100 years. However, modern vinyl floors have little in common with the old PVC floors from the last century. Modern synthetic floor coverings do not contain any plasticizers and are even available as organic floor coverings.

 advantages with vinyl

  • High durability and durability
  • Large selection of formats and designs
  • No swelling or chipping on the edges
  • Seamless laying possible
  • Very good value for money
  • Can be used in wet areas (bathroom, kitchen)
  • The coating is possible (with lacquer) for extra resistance
  • Exchangeable at points in the event of defects (only with glued vinyl flooring)
  • Continuous laying without transitions on doors etc. possible
  • Excellent footfall sound insulation and thermal conductivity

Adhesive vinyl instead of click vinyl

Click vinyl consists of plank elements that are connected during assembly using a click system. The advantage of click vinyl is that it is easy to lay. The click floor covering is laid floating on the sub-floor so that adhesives are not required. However, this also creates disadvantages that must be considered before laying. Click vinyl is less resilient than adhesive vinyl and the impact sound is also more noticeable in the click version.

 When glueing the flooring, the vinyl planks are carefully positioned in an adhesive bed. Due to the firm connection to the substrate, the formation of cavities is reliably avoided, which is why additional sound insulation can be dispensed with when laying adhesive vinyl. Despite the lack of impact sound insulation, excellent impact sound values ​​are achieved with adhesive vinyl. In addition, glued vinyl flooring is better suited for a possible renovation and also impresses with its increased resilience.

Finishing work

After our floor layers have installed your vinyl floor professionally, the fine-tuning work begins. For a perfect finish, the matching skirting boards are missing, which are coordinated with your flooring in terms of colour and attached with a special adhesive. Heating pipes and other pipelines are provided with suitable rosettes for protection. Joints on the edges and edges around door frames are sealed with colour-coordinated elastomer.