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A Perfect Motorhome for Your Full Time Living On Roads

The first thing you should decide when buying a motorhome is whether you want a new or used car. On the one hand, with a new car, you feel like the first to own it and you get a limited manufacturer’s warranty; on the other hand, a pre-owned model can often be bought at great savings on the list price.

We are all different, but most new buyers choose a pre-owned mobile home because the financial investment is less and it gives them the opportunity to know if a mobile home is right for them without spending money on their pocket.


Another starting consideration is your budget. Thinking about what you would like to spend and what you are willing to spend the most, this gives you a price range that you can work in and means that you will be less tempted to spend too much.

Shapes and sizes

There are motorhomes in all shapes and sizes and for every budget, so carefully consider which type of motorhome is best for you – is it a small converted van or a large A-class motorhome or an American motorhome that suits you? If you are buying a mobile home for just a short vacation, a small to medium mobile home will likely fit your needs, but for those intending to travel for a few months, you may want a larger and better equipped mobile home.

Test all the features

When considering a potential RV, and especially when buying a used motorhome, be sure to test all the features before buying; This does not mean preparing a three course meal, but it does mean taking out the beds, going into the shower room to check its size, opening and closing cabinets, sitting on the couch, etc.

we buy any motorhome



When considering used motorhomes, you should take a closer look at accessories, making sure the water is flowing properly and all electrical systems are working properly; To check the system, fill the water tank in just a minute and anyone who is serious about to sell my motorhome will be happy to do so.

Check system

Never buy a motor home without seeing the water system, electricity, and engine working, and always do a test drive that includes roads you can drive up to 50 mph, as some problems won’t be detected at low speeds. Don’t be offended if the owner won’t let you drive, as not many people have “any driver” insurance and the seller is still responsible.

Sewerage system

It is also vital that the sewerage system is clean and working properly, this should have been done by the salesperson before the RV is put up for sale, so ask them to show you how the cassette is removed from the toilet so you can see if it was done – this is not the job that you would like to pursue after your purchase!